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Curb Appeal

Yet another post talking about what I'm getting for Christmas. Just so you know, I sponsored a child and all I asked for for Christmas was a donation in my name to Charleston Elves, an organization a friend of mine started, so I am not a selfish person, promise! Now back to me. My dad is a landscape architect as I've mentioned many times before and I also have a contractor friend who owes me a favor soooo...I'm taking advantage of both and getting some curb appeal for Christmas! Rebuilding my front porch with ipe, adding some much needed architectural detail, new windows, paint and most importantly...landscaping! I'm not sure who is more excited, me or my neighbors!?! Here is a lil' teaser as to what it will look like. I promise to show you a before and after when it is all said and done!

Dad is coming today with his elves to do the landscaping! Yippee! My place will no longer look abandoned.

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