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Merry Christmas To Me!

I am not Catholic. But I often joke about needing to go to confession because I have guilt about everything! I don't know what that says about me?!?!? It's ridiculous. My friends tease me. [I hope I didn't offend any Catholics there...I was just trying to be funny! See, I already feel guilty about that comment! lol] Anyway, so I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday buying some Christmas presents and just happen to accidentally pick up a few things for myself. Do I feel guilty about it? You bet!

So this is what I will be doing Christmas morn...

And since I still have not had time to read my signed copies of these...

Merry Christmas to me!

P.S. I must say I was pleased to see how many people were at the Barnes & Noble buying actual books. Good to know they aren't a dying art.

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