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I watched Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston this weekend. Have you seen it? The documentary on the fashion designer. I've always been a huge fan of his as he defines my personal style (or I should say I try to emulate his aesthetic) modern, simple and yet really sexy and feminine. And I am OBSESSED with 70's fashion, always have been. Honestly, I think mainly because the styles just work well with my body type, many of which he created...dolman sleeves, caftans, shirtdress, halter tie dresses...and I love to wear solid colors because they read as classic and timeless. He was absolutely genius in my opinion.

Liza Minnelli (his bff) tells a story of when she bought an apartment and didn't know what to do with it and he told her to go ahead to Tahoe and he would decorate it while she was gone. Well it made the cover of Architectural Digest. Yeah. Kinda helps when you can call on your good friend Andy Warhol to whip up a painting for you!

Speaking of homes, here are some images of Halston's home designed by famed architect Paul Rudolph.

I'm thinking some crazyass parties happened in this place!

Halston was a visionary when it came to licensing as well. He had a carpeting deal, luggage deal, and candle deal just to name a few. He even designed the Olympic uniforms! He also developed a perfume line in which he created the tear shaped bottle with no words on the bottle which became his signature. His ads even had no words. Some say it was because he couldn't come up with the words he wanted to use but I think it was totally genius.

Here are some amazing Halston sketches...

Total works of art.

It was worth watching if you are at all interested in him or fashion or the 70's.

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