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Oscar Recap

Sorry for being MIA. Dang, kidney stones. They are not fun. Did y'all watch The Oscars? I am movie obsessed and use to watch every Oscar nominated movie and I use to have Oscar themed parties. This year, I think I only saw one of the movies nominated. Hating that! Being busy is good but I do miss the old Sidney. She would have made these for the event...

Oscar Cookie Tutorial

Super happy for Octavia Spencer! Well deserved.

Thought this quote was funny "Didn't we create a foreign film category to prevent sweeps like this?"-Seth Rogan talking about The Artist winning everything.

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I also just want to mention how cool and confident I think this gal is. She doesn't try too be cool, smart or witty, she just is. Love her!

So my tie for the real winners, in fashion that is, are Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Tina Fey rocked it! She just keeps getting better looking and most people will probably say that is because she is making more money but I think it is because she is more confident.

Speaking of funny ladies, I actually really liked Kristen Wiig's look because I think she looked authentically herself. And I really like the Bohemian look.

Gwyneth is just well, Gwyneth.

I was disappointed by Jessica Chastain's dress. I really wanted to see her in a color. She's so gorgeous and it was just too distracting for me. But then again there is not an ornate bone in my body so I am probably biased.

And I might be the only one that didn't like Michelle Williams' ensemble. I am just really over her hairstyle. And I can't stand thicker necklaces that cut the neck like that. (Cameron Diaz had on one too which probably means they are the new thing.) Nor did I like the bow broach...too cutsie. The color was amazing on her on her though!

Bradley Cooper looked like a 70's porn star but somehow he totally pulled it off.

There you have it, my very opinionated personal opinion whether you wanted it or not!

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