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Business Cards That Will Blow Your Mind Hole

I'm looking at re-doing my logo, business cards, website, etc. so I've been looking for inspiration. I wanted to show you two of the most ingenious business cards I have ever seen.

This is a local interior designer who went 3D with her business card. The card is flat and normal business card sized but then it pops up to be the interior elevation of a room! Amazing! Furthermore, her last name is Zimmerman so she created a "Z" logo out of a floorplan with doorswings. Kinda brilliant.

And this one blew me away! I am working with this carpenter on a job who gave me his card. Well I wasn't really looking at it but felt it in my hand and when I looked down...it is veneer! He made his cards out of veneered wood! And on the back he labels what type of wood it is. He said he saved the Walnut just for me.

I give major props to these creative people for taking it to the next level!!!

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