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Spring Cleaning Your Closet

So I transitioned my closet from "winter" to "spring." I say it in quotes because we don't really have seasons here and our winter was very mild. But I don't have a large closet so I have to rotate things like sweaters for bathing suits/cover-ups. I am a major purger so I like to get rid of stuff and start over! So I tried taking a bunch of stuff to a local consignment shop but was utterly offended by their offer. I took three bags of things including about 12 handbags/clutches and some shoes/scarves and they wanted to give me $58! Um, no thanks. I mean, I have my pride! lol A friend forwarded me this site, Closet Groupie, and I thought it was rather genius idea.

Anyway, all of this spring cleaning got me organizing my closet (if you know me at all you know this is one of my FAVORITE things to do!) so I looked to some fabulous closets for inspiration. Let's take a look...


organized shelves
Gray shelves lined with wallpaper
coastal living


Perfect closet
Love this closet!

Shoe Organization...

Great shoe storage solution!
shoe closet

Accessory Organization...

good idea for purse/bags storage
good use of the bodyforms

Built-in Vanity...Oh My!

Built-ins crush! And that green

I bet none of these people would get offered $58 at the consignment shop.

*All photos via Pinterest.

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