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There Is A Spring In My Step!

Ahhh, spring! Don't you just LOVE it! Not that we have had a rough winter here in Charleston but just knowing we will get to spend lots of time outdoors in the sunshine...makes me super happy! And speaking of the outdoors, is your outdoor living space all ready for spring entertaining? If not, call me, I'd love to help! It is one of my favorite spaces to work on!!! I love all of the outdoor friendly products and nature inspired decor elements...gives me lots of opportunities to think outside the box. Remember last year when I used galvanized conduit piping as an outdoor drapery rod? Or when I turned an architectural find into my outdoor coffee table? Yeah, stuff like that. I do normal things too. But I think the key is first making it a functional and comfortable living space then add a few of those unexpected "wow" moments to keep your house from looking like page 38 of the Frontgate catalog. [Nothing against you Frontgate.]

Here are some outdoor spaces from my Pinterest Board to get you inspired...

love it
outdoor space graphic background
sleeping porch
Cool...and trees planted in all four corners for a canopy?!!
Outdoor space. Love the Zebra rug

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