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This Week I...

Cannot tell you the utter joy in stumbling upon a new shipment of Carrara Marble! There were rows and rows of it. Makes my job easy when you need three matching slabs! Not so easy when you have to go to several distributors to find slabs that coordinate and they have nothing in stock. Fellow designers, I'm sure you can relate...its the little things. My client was happy, I'm happy.

Did you see this?

OMG. Jamar was so humbled and Jamie was so gracious, I was bawling my eyes out...I felt like such a fool.

Well, not that big of a fool.

Sometimes life scares me how fast it moves. I met with a former client this week whom I helped 10, yes 10 years ago! She was one of the first client's I helped as I started my own design business while working at a local retail shop. Her and her husband have inherited the husband's family home and they are renovating it and wanted some design input. 10 years! Oh my. I still knew all the colors we picked, by name, for her second home here. 10. Years. Ago.

Here is yet another example of how time flies...

This is my oldest nephew, Finn.

At least that is how I want to imagine him.

Here is what he really looks like...

When did this happen???

I brought new inventory to my booth over at Southern Accents yesterday...

And while I was there, I marked down almost everything in my booth! Go check it out...

More progress on this...will tell you more about it soon!


Have a great weekend!

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