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Domino Special Edition

In honor of Domino's Special Edition Quick Fixes coming out today, I thought I would show some of my favorite pics from the magazine. I still have every magazine. I can't seem to get rid of them...wonder if I ever will??? Probably not.

from domino magazine

I think this was in the premier issue...Ruthie Sommers.

domino magazine

Mary McDonald's Office

Domino magazine

This always reminded me of what Barbie's office would look like if she was real.

Domino Magazine

Jena's nursery

I talk about these people like I know them personally.

Domino magazine

This door inspired me to paint my front door Peacock Blue.

Domino Magazine: Entryway

Just brilliant styling...

god i miss domino magazine.

I think I might go curl up with a bottle of wine and read through all my Domino's, cover to cover. See you in about 16 hours...

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