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Most Wanted: Monochrome


I tend to go through colour phases and can just as easily fall out of love with one as quickly as I fell in love with it three minutes earlier. It drives me insane but it's one of the pitfalls of being so outrageously indecisive. Oh how I wish I wasn't! But one thing I do know I will never tire of is black and white. Obviously simple and completely inoffensive, monochrome is completely timeless and can never go out of fashion, can it? No...I'm saying no.
The goods:
1 / The most amazing circular clothes rail from Anna Leena. (And that shirt dress/top is beautiful).
2 / I love this geometric cushion from Pillowation.

3 / Baies Noir candle from Diptyque.

4 / Batik coffee scoops from Leif. I could happily home everything they have for sale.

5 / A design I'm currently working on and will be turning into a screen print soon.

6 / Not that I could ever pull these off, but if I could, I absolutely would! Shorts from Topshop.

7 / Oh those shoes. Those shoes. I would never take them off. Ever. From Marais.

8 / Not technically things to buy, but come on, how could I not? Kittens photo by Alexandra Sophie.

9 / Definite must have hand dyed Galaxy Scarf - Style G - from Hoakon + Helga.

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