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Having just been through an old box of photographs, I found an album from the year I spent in Canada back in 2004. This particular album is a collection of shots from a camping trip to Algonquin Provincial Park where Bill and I had our first holiday together! Back then I didn't have a digital camera so everything was shot on film using my Canon AE-1, given to me by my father before moving to Toronto. I'm so glad I found these photos, it was such a wonderful trip and I would love to do more camping in the Canadian and American wilderness! Such impressive, beautiful scenery and life there. So this is sort of a belated Canada Day post for Sunday and a premature Independence Day post for tomorrow; dedicated to my love of the North American continent where I hope to return one day soon!
Flora: the lake we camped at (the name of which escapes me now, sadly). Fauna: the infant moose we encountered before it turned and ran from us.

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