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Now that we live by the sea (and having grown up here) I've always loved the smell of salt in the air and feeling free staring out over the water. It's a shame that we haven't been able to enjoy it this year thanks to the non existent British summer! So in lieu of any good weather here (and as we're not going away anywhere this year) I've been dreaming of escaping to a beach somewhere hot and sunny.
When I was in my early 20s a couple of friends and I unexpectedly camped for a week or so on a secluded beach cove on the Greek Island of Corfu. With the tree covered mountains behind us and the sea at our feet, we would bathe in the crystal clear bath-warm water, go off on our mopeds to explore and return to cook the day's food on a small fire we made in the sand, watching the sun set over the water in total isolation. Such good memories! (and if I find any old photos from that trip I'll share them here).
Which leads me to this week's Most Wanted goods, above. Inspired by my longing for the beach, they are: 1 Memory stick from Logical Art2 Wool blanket from Brookfarm General Store3 Enamel tumblers from Falcon Enamelware4 Fort Standard Triangle Trivet from Creatures of Comfort5 Seavees Bayside Sandals from Steven Alan6 Natural Wallet from Joshu + Vela7 Landscape print shirt from St. Anderswo8 Beautiful beach wedding photos (those colours!) from the always brilliant photographer and blogger, Jennifer Young

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