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Having given myself a week off for an impromptu holiday in July, it appears my blogging hiatus lasted somewhat longer than the predicted seven days. But I shan't apologise because it was just what I needed: a few months to really get on with some work and to enjoy what little summer we had here. As this is my first post back after over three (three!) months away, I was going to share some photographs from our summer, mainly taken on film, but having got them back from the lab there were weird lines all over the images. So, while I wait for them to be rescanned, here is a Most Wanted post of all the things I think are perfect for these last few days/weeks of Autumn. Think cosy self indulgent evenings spent reading in your favourite chair, drinking spiced tea and eating something terribly rich, probably involving cheese...yes? I think I would actually kill (you heard me) for any of the above. KILL. That's how much I want them. Anyway, here are the goods:
1 Timeless Blanket from Seasalt Cornwall
2 Winter edition of Acne Paper all about Manhattan, from Très Bien Shop
3 Glasses from Lunettes Kollektion
4 Sweater by Isabel Marant
5 Moon Phase Stud Earrings by Erica Bradbury from Cisthene
6 Holly Pleated Dress by Charles Anastase
7 Thumbprint bowl by Object & Totem
8 Paulistano Chair 04 from I/Object
9 Hand made leather backpack from The White Pepper
10 Aran Knit House Sock from Toast

PS Thanks to everyone who has stuck around during my break and I very much look forward to catching up on all your blogs really soon!

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