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My Barn Door

The thing people comment most on when they come into my shop is the barn door. They want to know what color it is painted, where I got the track, who made it, is it heavy, etc., etc. So here goes...

This is the cooler door from Belva's (my shop use to be Belva's Flower Shop). As the story goes, the husband (Mr. Belva) was out on the road for his sales job and called Belva to tell her he had bought the cooler door (which was quite expensive) but before he could tell her she expressed her doubts about opening up a flower shop. He said "Too late honey, I already bought the cooler door!" So when I was upfitting the shop I wanted to repurpose this awesome old door. I designed a barn door track in the center of the shop but turns out the old cooler door wouldn't work...it was too small and too heavy.

So Old Village Restoration built one for me. The barn door track is galvanized and came from Royall Ace Hardware. Shop local! (And by local I really do mean it...they are next door!)

Here is a photo from an event I had at the shop. The color of the door is Benjamin Moore's Peacock Blue.

I noticed that when the barn door is closed there was a large white space so I had my super talented friend, Sara Beauchene of Reclaimed Artistry, paint the definition of "eclectic" on the wall. I had to add the phonetics do it in part to the fact that I have to correct people on the pronounciation of Eclectic about ten times a day! Yes, I am a smart alleck like that.

Here is the finished product...

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