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Happy Father's Day!

So my dad is one of my all time favorite people.

I don't have many early photos of my dad at my house but I came across these so I am going to share...

It sounds trite to say he is patient and he is kind but those are two words that always come to mind when I think of my dad. He has never raised his voice and never yelled (except FOR his children as we were playing sports and then he REALLY yells!) And no matter what situation we got ourselves into as kids (or continually as adults), he would always approach it with such ease, usually adding a joke to calm us down. I could only hope to be half the parent this man is.

Let's ignore the fact that it looks like I just ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids...

Growing up, my dad was always at every sporting event, every dance recital, every art show...if it was important to us, he made a point to be there. He has always put family first and I respect that. No one cares more about family than this man! We will barely be through our Thanksgiving supper and he is already planning Christmas!

Let's ignore the fact that my mom looks like a Stepford Wife! lol
Love you mom, you look gorgeous, just Stepford-y.

Speaking of Christmas, no one loves Christmas more than this man! I think he starts listening to Christmas music in September to gear up for the holiday. Again, I think part of the draw is more time with family. He takes the entire event in-the smells, the sounds, the tastes...I love to see Christmas through his eyes. Growing up, he would "play Santa" by handing out the gifts and he would make it last all day like from 8 am until 5 pm hanging on to every second, not wanting to let go, taking in every memory and capturing it with a photograph or a video or even a tape recorder depending on what decade it was! Of course at the time my brother and I groaned about it but now I couldn't be more thankful.

Let's ignore the fact that I have 90's Brook Shield eyebrows and dyeable shoes on.
Oh, I could go on about the things I want you to ignore but this is not about me...

I included this photo because I know it was a proud moment for my dad, when I was on Homecoming Court in high school, as it was something that him and I could do together (especially at a time when teenagers don't want to spend time with their parents) but what he doesn't know is that it was a proud moment for me also as I was able to show him off.

Let's ignore the fact that this isn't my best side..

I LOVE this photo of my dad!
We were tearing up the dance floor at my cousin's wedding. My dad has such a youthful spirit. Our family always jokes that he has an actual age and a mental age. He will play with my nephews as if he is one of them. When my brother was in college at UGA, he would wear khakis and a tie to the football games and hang out at the fraternity house (also his fraternity) like he was one of the guys. He is blissfully unaware that he doesn't belong which is ironically part of his charm.

If you know my dad, you know that he is a funny man. He cracks everyone up, especially himself which is one of my favorite things about him. He has a silent giggle where he puts his hand over his mouth when something is funny but you aren't really suppose to laugh...like if someone falls or says something inappropriate or does something embarrassing...kinda like a kid does...I love it, it makes me smile.

There is so much more I could say about my dad but I want to end on that note...the silent giggle.

Happy Father's Day, Dad...not sure you will ever see this because you don't have a "Blogging Machine" (his words) at home but I love you very much.

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