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Happy Birthday Tyler!

No way my youngest nephew turns 8 today! I'm in denial. As much as I enjoy watching them grow and become my lil' buddies, I wish I could bottle them up at this age forever...

But I know he wants to be "older" and "big" like his brothers. (sad face)

So Tyler is kiiiiinda into Superheros...

And he doesn't mess around as you can see. He will put on his costume in the middle of a Sunday morning and get into full character. Seriously, he won't break character. If you call him Tyler he gets upset. It cracks me up! In fact, he is always cracking me up. He might be one of the funniest kids (or people) I know.

SC Aquarium visit. He cracked himself up here too!

Redneck Pool. (Note the t-shirt)

I love this kid so much! From his ridiculously cute freckles to his hilarious one-liners to his lil' smirk when he's trying to act upset at me but he's really not so he's trying not to laugh...I have enjoyed watching him grow up. But I am not gonna lie, I miss the days when he would wake me up by coming into my room (way earlier than I would have liked) and say "Snuggle?" with his blanket and stuffed animal. How on Earth could you say no to that face???

I love you Tyler! Happy Birthday big (little) man!

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