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Deirdre Zahl of Candy Shop Vintage is one of my all time fave places to go for some fun and inspiring vintage jewelry pieces.

Candy Shop Vintage has recently made its debut in NYC at Bloomingdales... do you have any other upcoming events planned?
"I have 4 days of trunk shows coming up at Henri Bendels in New York this September."

How did it feel to see your pieces on the hit show Mad Men?
"It was a dream come true seeing them on TV! I watched and watched and finally saw them on the last episodes of this past season."

So, how did that even come about?
"I met up with Janie Bryant (Mad Men costume designer) at the Charleston Fashion Week and showed her some of my collection. She ended up buying 10 pieces and used 3 for the show!"

Who would you like to see wearing your pieces?
"Beyonce! I actually got one of my girlfriends to wear some earrings I made to one of her concerts in hopes that MAYBE she'll see them!"

What are some goals you have for the future?
"I would love to open a retail store at some point and maybe expand outside of Charleston. But, for now I want to continue to grow here."

Do you have any advice for aspiring jewelry designers?
"It's important to find a style that you love and stick with it. Be consistent with your collection... know who your audience is because not everyone is going to love your style."

Eclectic Interior Design Group is a full-service design firm based in Charleston, South Carolina working on both residential and commercial spaces. Please email sidney@eclectic-idg.com for additional information.

Eclectic is a retail shop/design studio located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina selling an array of vintage pieces, repurposed items, new products and locally made art with a fresh Modern meets Coastal aesthetic.

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