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Charleston Spotlight: The Urban Electric Co.

Ahhh lighting!...One of the most important (and one of my most favorite) parts in designing a space as lighting enhances a room by greatly changing the mood-not only with actual light but with how the materials and finishes play off each other. We recently had the opportunity to visit an amazing lighting company, The Urban Electric Co. and it left us feeling OH. SO. INSPIRED!

Where all the magic happens...

The Urban Electric Co. was founded here in Charleston in 2003 by Dave Dawson who had a clear vision for the company as well as a strong passion for design and craftsmanship. Dawson personally oversee's the entire process from the in-house marketing campaigns down to the way the products are shipped, this quality-control over his brand is what has made Urban Electric the company that it is today.

All light fixtures are handcrafted by local, trained artisans who take pride in each step of the process while making these gorgeous works of art! They are made from the finest materials which makes them not just pieces you will have for a few years...but investment, heirloom pieces that you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Team of artisans hard at work

Athena Pendant in the making...

Baxter Wall Sconce

Shade for Metro Wall Sconce

Another interesting feature about The Urban Electric Co. that you need to know...all of their light fixtures are totally customizable. Need a different color, size, finish?... They can do it! That makes Designers like me really happy! In fact, most of their designer collaborations came about due to Designers/Architects customizing some of their pieces and The Urban Electric Co. enjoying what they were creating! Some of these collections include talented Designers like Amanda Nisbet, Tom Scheerer, and Amanda Handegan. Here are just a few of our favorites...

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View all of the collections here!

So, do you need to re-think some of the lighting in your home?
Go check out The Urban Electric Co!

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