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Eclectic July Artist Spotlight: Ann Keane

Ann Keane is inspired by the natural world around her. Colors and shapes come alive on her canvas. “The feeling and texture of the painting is what draws me,” she says. Thick brushstrokes transform trees and marsh grass into abstract blocks of colors. The sense of movement in Keane’s art is influenced by music, an essential element. Moving while she paints keeps the energy flowing. Using a palette knife, Keane scrapes and carves lines and shapes to construct a canvas full of movement. Keane builds up layers of paint so just a sliver of the original peaks through. The blueprint of the landscape is secondary to the placement of the blocks of color.

She is a member of the Charleston Artist’s Collective, a web-based business that is comprised of local artists who work towards shared goals of artistic challenges. Keane also shows her work at Atrium Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina where she resides.


Is there anyone you credit with gifting you your artistic ability and/or teaching you your skills? Or did you just pick up a brush one day and get lucky?
- I started painting to fill my walls. I took one art class, charcoal, at Boston University. Also, since I started painting 12 years ago I have taken workshops with Ian Roberts and definitely credit him... so I guess I started out lucky and then learned skills. I do know that a daily practice helps improve anything so I try to paint every day.

Since it varies for each artist, we want to know what inspires you?
- The outdoors and definitely music. My studio is on my back porch. I am out there rain or shine, hot or cold. I don't paint without music my neighbors can attest to that. In the field I wear my banana yellow earbuds, don't leave home without them... I like music.

Do you hang your own work in your home?
- Why of course, that's why I started painting...to fill my walls!

Is there a specific artist/work that you covet?
- I love this question but don't have just one! Brian Rutenberg, Euan Uglow, Richard Diebenkorn, Wassily Kandinski, Mark Rothko, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Carot and of course Paul Cezanne..none which I own but would love to. I also have a wall of small paintings from artist I love; Leslie Pratt Thomas, Marc Hanson, Mark Kelvin Horton, Adele Earnshaw, Anne Darby Parker.

If you were not an artist, what career do you think you’d have?
- I have two careers, Artist and Mom, both I love and wouldn't change for the world.
Rapid fire…
Favorite city to travel to? New York.
Guilty pleasure? I definitely have a few...I plead the 5th.
Favorite restaurant in Charleston? Two Boroughs Larder - downtown Charleston on Coming Street.
Saturday activity: beach, shopping, museum, festival or sofa? Having a coffee at the farmers market or on my front porch, hanging on the dock, walks, runs or painting during the daylight hours. At night...I'm always up for something.
Three words to describe yourself: persistent, giving, sarcastic

If you are interested in purchasing any of Ann's art please stop by Eclectic, call us at 843.388.7002 or email sidney@eclecticcharleston.com. Remember, these will only be available during the month of July and yes we will ship for an additional charge!

Eclectic is a Charleston, South Carolina based full-service boutique interior design firm in specializing in the design of residential projects including entire homes and the styling of individual rooms. We also offer virtual e-design services. Please email sidney@eclecticcharleston.com for additional information.

Eclectic is a retail shop/design studio located in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina (just over the bridge from downtown Charleston) selling an array of vintage mid-century pieces, repurposed items, new products and locally made creations with a fresh Modern meets Coastal aesthetic.

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