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Eclectic October Artist Spotlight: Shannon Wood

Charleston native Shannon Brown Wood grew up among the marsh grass, tidal creeks, waters and wide skies of the Lowcountry. The constantly changing light and hues of the marsh water create an infinite supply of inspiration and surprise for artist and audience alike. Wood earned a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia and spent six years as a designer for Gil Shuler Graphic Design in Charleston. In 2005, she volunteered at Redux Contemporary Art Center as a resident artist, and in 2006, her work was included at a Charleston City Gallery emerging artist exhibit, Under the Radar. Her work, focused on the marshes and waterways she still calls home, invites the viewer to revel in the possibilities that live just beyond the horizon. Often incorporating natural elements, reeds or grasses hand-sewn into the canvas, wood juxtaposes tactile touches of the real with her own response to a moment of light, color and wonder-beautifully suspended-and forever captured-in time. For more on Shannon and her work visit The Charleston Artist Collective or her website shannonwoodart.com.

Is there anyone you credit with gifting you your artistic ability and/or teaching you your skills? Or did you just pick up a brush one day and get lucky?
My mom was a huge influence. She was an art history major at the College of Charleston so she has always had an appreciation for art. She always had me in private art lessons outside of school and really nurtured my talent.

Since it varies for each artist, we want to know what inspires you?
I would say that the most important inspiration for me is nature. Having grown up in Charleston, I have a love for everything coastal: the water, the smells, the textures. It’s inspiring just being surrounded by it. I also love finding things at the beach and by the marsh and often incorporate them into my paintings.

Do you hang your own work in your home?
Yes I do. I love to collect other artist work as well.

Is there a specific artist/work that you covet? Robert Rauschenberg. I ‘ve seen many of his paintings in museums and they have such an amazing textural quality. They just lure me in.

If you were not an artist, what career do you think you’d have?
Archaeologistor chef. I love to cook! It’s a lot like being a painter—but instead of paint you are mixing ingredients together to create a beautiful dish.

Rapid fire…
Favorite city to travel to? Cortona, Itlay
Guilty pleasure? Wine
Favorite restaurant in Charleston? Coda Del Pesce on Isle of Plams
Saturday activity: beach, shopping, museum, festival or sofa?
Beach---Museum being a close second.
Three words to describe yourself: Sarcastic, easygoing, dreamer

If you are interested in purchasing any of Shannon's art please stop by Eclectic, call us at 843.388.7002 or email sidney@eclecticcharleston.com. Remember, these will only be available during the month of October and yes we will ship for an additional charge!

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