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In the interests of maintaining this blog, which I very much desire to do, I'm posting mostly to say that I'm still here. I apologize to those who read it regularly, few as they may be, for my long silence.

This weekend held another out-of-state trip. I moved again two days before that. This is my third week out of work, and only now am I starting to feel settled enough to really begin looking.

And, the relationship. It's still consuming much of my time and energy. As with any relationship, there are times of incredible joy. There have been a few moments where we couldn't stand the sight of each other. We're learning and growing and understanding one other better. We are deepening our trust and dependence on God to be at the centre of this relationship and of our hearts, because without him we're nothing. Only with him can this work, and it cannot be for the relationship's sake, but for his and our sake.

Some of the barriers around my heart toward God are coming down. It's a good thing, and I'm very happy that this catalyst has come along to cause that to happen, to make me realize how radically dependent I am on him and how desperately I cannot guard my heart against him any longer. I believe God has purposely begun an invasion, humanly spearheaded by this guy, into my heart. It's sneaky, but it has worked.

So. Again. I'm sorry to have no entertaining story, no deep thoughts, that yet again a blog post is consisting of nothing but my life. But there it is, that's it, and I hope that I'll be able to write again soon. Love to all those who are still reading...

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