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How perfect are these colours for summer? VERY.
1 / Beautiful fabric & metal necklace from The Vamoose. Kathryn's work is great - I have one of her citrine drop necklaces and it gets me lots of compliments, so, you know, that's always cool. (Plus her collection was the inspiration for this post).
2 / Wonderful exhibition 'You Are My Favourite' taking place in 15 countries over 1 evening. Best thing of all, it's all female photographers. LOVE. Found via the lovely TWO TWO OH FOUR blog by Ismay Ozga.
3 / Perfect summer necklace from Cursive Design. WANT!
4 / Amazing Elie Saab dress. Where was this when I was getting married?! Perfect. Via I love Wild Fox.
5 / Dang nice 'Crystal Matrix' ring from Adina Mills via the DNA shop.

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