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This morning as I was driving down the long rural highway I normally take to work, an unexpected slowdown forced us to stop-and-go speed. I figured it must be an accident, as far ahead I'd spied a cacophony of flashing lights. Sure enough, as I approached, I spotted it: what at first looked incongruously like a long mobile home or a shed lying in the ditch, slightly crumpled. As the line of traffic wove round the orange cones placed in the road to divert us, I saw what it really was: a tractor trailer lying on its side in the ditch, its long exposed underbelly with the wheels sticking out facing the road, like some giant helpless insect. Stern-faced policemen stood guard and a couple of huge towtrucks stood by ready to pull it out of its predicament.

I breathed a quick prayer for the driver of the truck and went on my way as the traffic snarl cleared, wondering how on earth that had happened? The rain last night may have slicked the road, but something spectacular must have occurred to force it off the road and onto its side. I only hope the driver survived and was ok.

There's a lot going on in my life right now, but nothing I feel like writing about publicly for now...so posting may be slow for a while.

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