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I wasn't sure where to start with this post as it's so much more than a professional rebrand. When I married Bill nearly four years ago I kept my maiden name. There were many reasons for this, which I won't bore you with here, but I always said I'd change my name if the time ever came for us to have children. Well, four years later we still don't have any so I kept thinking, 'how long until I do this?'.
Aside from the kids thing, I always wanted to use my name for my work but was loathed to do it only to then change my name a year or so later and have to do it all again, so I chose the moniker Hey Jo as a stop gap. It has served me well but I am more than ready for a change so I recently made the decision to stop the waiting and get things going. I am starting the name change process once and for all. And if kids come along at any point then it's all done already... ha!
It's a rather long and dull process to change a name legally (what with all the banks, businesses, passport etc) but I'm hoping that by early Spring it'll be all done and I can finally enjoy this new beginning.
Which brings me to the images above. They're various design elements I am going to be using as part of my new brand, and while they're not finished yet I hope they illustrate the new direction I'm moving in. I'd love to know your thoughts!

PS I've also just realised it's exactly 5 years ago today that Bill proposed to me in New York! I don't know why this is relevant, but it seemed kind of timely, given the subject matter of this post!

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