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Small pleasures

My new favourite item is Hanes men's tank tops ("vests", as the British call them). They are simple but brilliant, for several reasons:

1. Cheap. $6.97 at Walmart for a packet of three. Normally I wouldn't darken the door of the place, but for this, I make an exception.

2. Exceptionally comfy. Soft, body-hugging, feel-good.

3. High neckline. No cleavage-skimming with these bad boys.

4. Veeeery long. Making them great for layering under anything else, and effectively solving the crack/large gap between shirt bottom and pants top problem completely. Brilliant!

5. Chic. Somehow with the slightly see-through fabric, the fine wale, the slightly-visible printed label on the back, they have a naive simplicity that is almost artistic.

These are my winners for this week. I'm hooked.

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