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Update to Homeland Security photography trouble

As per the previous post, I got stopped by a public service employee, told I wasn't allowed to take photographs of a power plant under "Homeland Security" regulations, and had my name taken for a report.

Well, yesterday at church my former landlady approached me and handed me a bit of mail that had come to her house. She then said, "The police showed up at my door looking for you yesterday."

"What!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, something about Such-and-such station. They asked me, 'Do you know why she would be taking photographs of the power station?' I said, 'She takes photographs, it's art.' They asked me if I knew how to get hold of you, and I said no. I don't have a phone number for you or anything. I said that I'd see you tomorrow at church and I'd let you know. They didn't seem too bothered about it."

So, the guy who told me that my name was going no further than his "internal report" basically lied. And the police came looking for me! I'm hoping it goes no further than this, but if it does, I'll stand my ground until proven that what I did was illegal. Sheesh. Talk about taking the idea of "security" too far...

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