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So, I wanted to stop by to thank you all for your encouragement after my last post about opening up a bit more over here. Who knew you'd all love a bit more of the personal stuff? Well, you did, obviously. Anyway, as a thank you, here's a list of things I really want. I know, I'm too good to you. Jokes aside, thanks for allowing me to not feel like a massive idiot for the offer of being a bit more sharey (yes, it's now a word) and for reading my blog. It means a lot to me. Oh, and if any of you are feeling extra generous, I would like one of each of the above please and thank you kindly. Ok, have a great weekend, friends and see you back here next week? Date, done.
1. Shirt - Zara2. Scarf - Imogene + Willie3. Earrings - Erin Wasson4. Publication - The Gentlewoman5. Art - Ethan Cook6. Tea Bowl - Tabuchi Taro7. Jeans - COS8. Lingerie - Roseanna 9. Necklace - Maslo Jewelry

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