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Designer Pet Peeve: Chairs Half on Rugs

Typically I like furniture to be all on the rug or all off the rug. I know you don't always have this luxury and sometimes you have to make do. But take a look at this photo below...

I really try not to criticize other designer's work and this really isn't a criticism because I think this room is SO SO lovely but OMG why can't those chairs just be like 6" forward so they are all the way on the rug? Does this bother anyone else? Maybe it was on purpose as they preferred it that way or perhaps an oversight during the photoshoot. As I said, this is just my opinion, so maybe it was not this particular designer's opinion. But I would have loved to see these chairs on the rug in this particular case as there seems to be plenty of room. [If the designer of this room happens to read this please don't be mad at me...I tip my hat to you...your work is stunning!]

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