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Regrets, I've Had A Few...

Have you ever seen something fantastic at a flea market, antique store or junk shop and hesitated only to go back and find that someone else snagged your fabulous find? Oh, the agony! Oftentimes I cannot remember why I hesitated in the first place because now all I can do is obsess about said item.

These are a few of my shopping regrets that still haunt me...
-Pair of Saarien side tables in excellent condition for $20 (I know, I know, I was trying to be more traditional at this stage of my life)
-Set of 8 Chinese Chippendale Chairs for an absolute steal (I couldn't justify spending money on new dining room chairs when I already had some but these were really unique and in excellent condition. Boo!)
-An amazing figurative study oil painting in really serene aquas and tans (I am beside myself on this one. Art is truly one of a kind!)
-A pair of pendant lights, probably 50's that would have looked amazing painted in a bright color like yellow or turquoise and hanging above nightstands (They are now hanging in my designer friend's lake house because she was smart enough to bite the bullet and buy them! Hope you are enjoying them Anne!)

These are just some that were on the forefront of my mind. I still have the photos but couldn't bare to post them. Sniff, sniff. Do you have any shopping regrets you want to share? If so, leave me a comment. It might help to get it out of your system!
~Image: Martha Stewart's book Good Things From Tag Sales and Flea Markets

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