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I'm Floored!

I love when people think outside the box and get creative! Especially in an unexpected area like the floor. We often think that the "shell" of our rooms should be pretty neutral and basic since it can be a large investment but what a great spot to make an impact! Here are some floor patterns that I thought were really cool. I am a huge fan of a chevron pattern (although it always reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt) which designer Mary McDonald rocked in this photo. If you aren't quite as daring, try doing one of these patterns in a tone on tone material so you can still appreciate the interesting design but with much less of a POW! Or try it in a really small area like a mudroom, child's bathroom or laundry room. ~Images: 1) Mary McDonald featured in Domino Feb 2009 2) Country Home March/April 2009 3) Domino April 2008

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