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Clever Uses For Wallpaper

I am working with a client who just wallpapered her bedroom and loves the print so much she wants to come up with a way to use the leftover paper in other areas of her master suite. I am thinking of covering storage boxes for her dressing room or perhaps even a tray for her bathroom vanity in the vintage print. As I was going through my design notebooks, I came across some clever ideas and thought I would share them with you. Papering the inside of a closet, lining the backs of built-in shelves or even making a faux headboard are interesting ways to use wallpaper in small doses if you are in love with a pattern but are leery of papering an entire room. You can also use leftover paper (or you can buy remnants from a local wallpaper store) to cover books (as I did in Before & After: Wild Dunes), as matting in a frame or to line drawers. Do you have any creative uses for wallpaper? Let me know!

~Images: 1) Wallpaper as a Headboard in Domino July/Aug 2006 2) Wallpaper as a Chair rail in Blueprint 3) Wallpaper as Cabinet Insets in Traditional Home 4) Wallpaper to Cover a Door in Domino Oct 2005 5) Wallpaper to Cover a Refrigerator in Domino Nov 2006 6) Grasscloth to Line a Vanity Top Unknown Source 7) Wallpaper to Line a Closet in Domino Spring/Summer 2005 8) Wallpaper as a Backsplash in Domino June 2006

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