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Displaying Collections

Oftentimes, clients have collectibles that they want me to incorporate into their decor. Sometimes it is easy to fit these items into the style of the room but it can also be really, really difficult to work a collection into a design scheme. Lucky for me, I like a challenge! I also feel that it is super important to use personal items to add character to a home. While perusing my inspiration notebooks, I came across several photos of globe groupings so I thought I would include these images to show you that anything can become a collection! The key is to group all of the items into an interesting display versus scattering them about your home for a much greater impact. (In case my dad is reading this, also try to limit it to ONE collection per room! Love you!) After doing this, you will see that your collectibles have become quite the conversation piece!
~Images: 1) Metropolitan Home Oct 2006 2) BH&G Aug 2007 3) Domino May 2008 4) Designed by Jill Morris

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