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Trash to Treasure

Today I have fun going "junking" with my good friend, Lauren. Although we came home with some interesting objects, I think we have the most fun thinking up all the possibilities and creative ways to repurpose the items we see. For example, this "thing" [Image 1 ] is something that I found at an antique mall in Columbia. It was standing upright and had a sign that said "not a wine rack." I still don't know exactly what it was but I assume it was some sort of metal balcony perhaps??? But I have this major obsession with circles so I had to buy it! Later I had legs soldered on, painted it in a high gloss cream and turned it into a coffee table on my sunporch [Image 2]. This other object pictured [Image 3 ] is something I bought at an antique store in Atlanta. I am told it is an old sewer grate from Holland. Again, I am obsessed with circles (as well as anything zinc or galvanized) so I had to buy it! This was over a year ago and it is still sitting in my office because I have no idea what I am going to do with it. Any ideas? It is about 1' x 3'.

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