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Pillow Talk

"Oh and by the way, I threw away all your little throw pillows. Yea. Cuz throw pillows suck. They serve no purpose. They're purely decorative." -Reuben Feffer

I once had a client tell me that she didn't want the new bedding in her master suite to be too "Along Came Polly"...meaning full of unnecessary pillows. I literally laughed out loud. And I totally agreed with her. Even as as designer, I understand that no one wants to spend "two years of their life putting on and taking off pillows." So my question to you is...how do you like to dress your bed?

With your pillows layered?

With your pillows stacked?

With only your sleeping pillows and shams?

With one large decorative pillow?

With a couple of decorative pillows?

With a bolster?

With round decorative pillows?

With euro shams only?

Or with a mix of euro shams and decorative pillows?

However you like to dress your bed, stuffed animals past the age of 10 is...not...ok.

I am sorry but no rebuttals are allowed on this issue.

~Image: 1) Courtesy of allmoviephoto.com 2) Elle Decor 3) House Beautiful Feb 2004 4) Unknow 5) Dream Bedrooms 6) Coastal Living May 2009 7) Southern Accents 8) Decor Mag 9 and 10) Southern Accents 11) Unknown

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