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The Art of a Tableau

Select one or two types of items then vary the size
of those items to add interest

Use like items to flank either side of your tableau
to create a sense of balance

Vary items in height, shape and texture
to create a sense of movement

Select a color scheme for your tabletop accessories

Create a grouping of like objects but add a "pop" of
another texture or color to keep it interesting

The final stage of decorating is accessorizing which, in my opinion, is the moment when a space comes alive! While adding on this last layer, it can be difficult to arrange items in a pleasing manner without looking cluttered or haphazard. Design professionals like Kelly Wearstler make this process look effortless. She has the ability to arrange a random assortment of accessories creating a cohesive and dynamic tabletop tableau. A tableau is defined as "a striking or artistic grouping" according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. Here are some attractive tabletop tableau's to inspire you as well as some helpful tips to ensure a harmonious design.

~Images: 1) Unknown 2) Nate Berkus 3 and 4) Kelly Wearstler 5) Tom Scheerer

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