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Merry Christmas. Shitter Was Full.

Cousin Eddie

Re: Yesterday's mention of my distaste for the color red...in case I a) offended anyone b) lost some readers (oops) or c) discouraged anyone who loves red from hiring me (double oops!) I wanted to clarify that I have decorated homes using red many times and I was not secretly gagging in the corner...each time I was excited about and really pleased with how it looked! Honest. I can get on board with red. It is just not the first color I go to which I think is directly correlated to the fact that I don't look good wearing the color red. I also want to point out that my good friend loves the color red, she has a good bit of it in her home (mainly in amazing rugs) and I think her place is stunning!!! (Anne, I mean you!) So bottom line-don't want to marry red but I will date it for a little while. And thank you Southern Exposure for backing me up on that one!!!

One more rant then I am done...I use to work in retail. And this propels me to ask the following question: Why do people have to be so mean this time of year?!?! And I don't mean the people working because I understand their horrid attitudes. Working retail sucks. I mean the customers! Yesterday at Target, I observed an overly rude lady tear into to this poor guy working in the electronics department because he wasn't helping her fast enough and he had the gall to actually help the other customers that were in line before her. His response to me "I hate the f'ing holidays." (however he used the real word).

It's a holly jolly Christmas, the best time of the year...

I hope some of these photos will help you find your happy place!

[I want the Golden's too!]


Totally gonna copy this.

I must have these ornaments! Andrea Ma jot...you Ma Rock!

~Images: 1) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2) Traditional Home 3) Coastal Living 4) Country Living 5) Real Simple 6) Family Circle 7) Better Homes & Gardens 8) etsy.com

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