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Decorganizing Wednesday: Party Invitations

Here goes, Decorganizing Wednesday...

If you are really popular (like me) and having a hard time figuring out what to do with all of your party invitations, take some cues from these creative folks.

Designer Lindsey Harper

Designer Mary McDonald for Domino

Use an old door or shutter.
P.S. I tried this once and the tacks wouldn't penetrate [pause for giggles] the old wood so check first!

Designer Kay Douglas for House Beautiful

I have a random wall in my kitchen that is about 30" wide and I have filled the entire wall, floor to ceiling, with invites and photos. I tried using the chalkboard/magnetic paint but it wouldn't hold a magnet (despite three coats) so they are just tacked in. I am real excited about the day when I get to spackle this wall![she says sarcastically] Therefore, I highly suggest using cork instead.

When you are done displaying your invitations, you can cut them up and use the pretty printed parts as tags for gifts (or so says my inner Martha). Anyone have any other creative ideas for displaying party invitations? Leave a comment!

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