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Design Crush: Lindsey Coral Harper

Interior designer and University of Georgia alum (holla!), Lindsey Coral Harper, left South Georgia for The Big Apple and has been kicking the design world's ass ever since. Her resume includes an internship with Ralph Lauren in London, eight years working under famed designer Richard Langham and freelance work for Dorothy Draper, Inc. just to name a few! Images of her New York apartment have been blowing up the design websites/blogs and she was set to be featured in Domino just as the magazine folded...wa wa wa. But don't feel too sorry for her, when you are as talented as she is, you are bound to recover.

Lindsey Harper's NY Apartment

Lindsey's sister and my sister-in-law are bff's so we have been hearing about each other for years but have yet to meet. I finally emailed her introducing myself and she was nice enough to take the time to answer some questions. So here goes...

After years of residing in NY (and abroad), do you think your southern roots have any influence in your designs? If so, in what ways?
ABSOLUTELY! I am Southern to the core, ask anyone who knows me...or ask me a question and you can hear it as I still have the accent. Or as my grandfather used to say, "we don't have an accent, the rest of the world does". One of the things I love about this city is that there is a huge southern contingency and we stick together. I actually have a large group of southern decorating friends and we refer to ourselves (and so do others) as the Southern Mafia. I do think being southern has had a huge influence on my life, the way I live and the way I design and decorate. I am big on comfort and I like most southerner's I love to entertain! I really try to get to know the client and figure out who they are and how they live so that I can make their house or apartment a welcoming and comfortable environment they really love to be in all the time. In the end it's really about lifestyle!

You have such talent for accessorizing and creating eye catching tablescapes. Any advice or rules of thumb you live by?
Why thank you! I do love my accessories. If anything I'm a maximalist not a minimalist. I love shopping, antiquing, flea markets, and junk stores. If an object catches my eye whether it's a great color or a wonderful shape, a bit odd or makes me laugh, I will usually buy it. A great accessory doesn't have to be expensive or "important". It just has to mean something to you. I also love to travel so I bring things home with me typically in my carry-on (I do not check my luggage) and then I have a little reminder of that place and that trip. Most of my accessories are really wonderful memories.

You clearly are not afraid of color! Where does your color inspiration come from? And are there any colors that you refuse to work with?
I certainly love color. Not sure why, but it just makes me happy. And if you think my apartment is colorful, you should see my closet!! Maybe because I'm a redhead, I had to deal with pairing colors and getting colors right from an early age. I also think my color confidence comes from working with RKL. He too admired color and wasn't afraid to use it. He trusted me to pick paint colors for him on several jobs in the beginning of my career there. A few years later I was specifying all the colors for all of my clients and big jobs, no questions asked. He was a huge risk taker and pushed me to think outside of the box. I also like to try new things and new colors!! There are so many great colors, textiles and color combinations out there...why do the same thing over and over?! The only color I'm really adverse to is white! I rarely do white walls. Unless you have a KILLER art collection, you are going to have to really beg me to give you white walls. If I do white walls look closely, they are probably a textured paper and will definitely be paired with an amazing hi-gloss colored ceiling! Don't you just love when a really well done hi-gloss ceiling looks like glass!

Some of Lindsey Harper's Design Projects

Palm Beach

New York

This busy designer is currently working on several projects from Vermont to New York to Palm Beach. Click here to see LCH Interiors full portfolio.

Lindsey also has an online shop, called Lamshop, with her bestie and business partner, Maggie Currey, which offers custom furniture, art and one-of-a-kind treasures. Lindsey said they are working on some new pieces incorporating fun elements like Shagreen, Tortoise, Malachite, and Faux Bois as well as some new jewel-inspired tables that are "very glam." I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!!!

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