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Picture Perfect Pantry

As I was at a client's yesterday, she said something that I think we can all relate to...she told me she wanted to open her pantry and have it look like a magazine. Umm, don't we all?!?! I didn't want to burst her bubble by telling her those magazine pantry's are staged for the photoshoot. Nor did I want to remind her that she has a husband, two kids and a dog that would also be using said pantry. So instead, I lied and promised her we would make it happen. Ha! But since I took my oath as a professional organizer, I am going to do my best...have any good photos for me? Please send them to sidney@eclectic-idg.com. Thanks!

~Images: 1) via thehomeexecutive.wordpress.com 2) via advancedclosetsandstorage.com 3) Country Living 4) California Closets 5) via womansday.com 6) via designedorganizers.com

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