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Bare with me...I have been going non-stop since the beginning of December. I am behind in every aspect of my life right now-work, blog, gym, mail, laundry, grocery shopping, catching up with good friends, you name it! I am excited for the cold weather and impending rain this weekend so I can nest and get myself back on track. After seeing two of my organizing clients today, I am motivated to get myself all neat and tidy too. So one of the items on my massive to-do list is to clean out and re-organize my office. I do this every January and it feels...well, as Monica (from Friends) would say...orgasmic! Anyhoo, here are some photos to inspire me (and hopefully you!).
~Images: 1) via decorpad 2 and 3) Kelly Wearstler 4) Domino 5) Pottery Barn 6) Celerie Kemble 7) book Discovering Home With Laurie Smith 8) Unknown

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