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The Eddie Ross Workshop at Scotts

My friend and I carved out some time to go to the Eddie Ross workshop at Scott's Antique Market and man am I glad we did...it was excellent! He gave us a tour of Scot's while pointing out various dealers and sharing his plethora of knowledge on fabrics, china, glass, silver, furniture and more. Although I have been to Scott's many times, it was great to meet some of his favorite dealers and to see all of the hidden gems from Eddie's perspective. I highly recommend it!!!

Ugh, I look terrible! Nephews got me up early and then I had a 9:00 am consultation with an Atlanta client so no time for primping before meeting Eddie. Looks like I should have made the time.

P.S. Both him and Jaithan couldn't be any nicer!
If you are not familiar with Eddie Ross, you must check out his blog here!

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