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When I Grow Up...

Today I participated in an event through our local home show where I met an 8 year old girl who wants to be an interior designer when she grows up. She had a stack of note cards in which she had prepared a series of questions to ask all of the designers that were participating in the event. She told me her name and shook my hand. I gotta tell you it was one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!! She reminded me so much of myself at that age (as I talked about in an earlier post). In case you are wondering, her questions were as follows:

"When did you know you wanted to be an interior designer?"
"Do you watch HGTV?"
"What was the most exciting project you have ever worked on and why?"
"What is the best piece of advice you give your clients?"

I must say...pretty thought provoking for an 8 year old!!! I suspect that someday I will read about this young girl and be inspired by her work.

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