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It's Like a Fort for Grown-ups!

Southern Accents

(My apologies for mislabeling this as Angie Hranowsky! I meant to upload the image below under her label. Now go marvel in her genius...below...)

Designer Angie Hranowsky


Designer Phoebe Howard

Designer Phoebe Howard

Designer Miguel Flores-Vianna

I have been working with a client who really wanted a bed canopy and I am wishing we did something this simple! She desperatly wanted her bed on an angle in the corner (despite my insistence on straightening it up between the windows) so we had that and the window treatments/hardware to contend with in the design. I'm not gonna lie, I lost a lot of sleep over this one! But she is a wonderful client, a joy to work with and I commend her for constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone. We installed the bed canopy last week and I am very pleased with how it turned out. [Photos to come.]

For all you designers (or wanna be's) out there...Marisa over at Stylebeat has a FANTASTIC contest going on where you can win one of 5 AMAZING design books! Go enter now!!! I cannot wait to see who she picks!

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