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Yet Another Shopping Excursion

Happy New Year Folks! I am glad to be starting a new year, heck a new decade! I hope it is tops for everyone! So I went to Beaufort for Christmas and Atlanta for New Years and I am headed back to Atlanta for market. Oh how I love making that trip twice in one week (she says sarcastically). While I was there I was able to visit a few of my favorite spots-Chamblee Antique District and Kudzu Antique Mall (it is nestled between all the strip clubs on Ponce-don't be afraid). Here are some of my fabulous finds! Once again, if I had a million dollars I would have bought all that you see below. And I am just gonna throw this out there...because you never know who may be reading...if there are any obscenely wealth folks that want to invest in a bright, young (well, young-ish) designer's future...I will be happy to oblige!

I could have spent hours going through these old magazines from the 60's and 70's but my friend was being such a trooper that I didn't want to push it!

Ok, I am DYING and I mean DYING to create a kitchen around these barstools and this table...

I mean can't you just DIE!!! Industrial yellow base, zinc top...O...M...G!!!

Old metal military lockers that would be divine in my office!!!

Great bamboo barcart! And barcarts are all the rage just ask Eddie...

Super cool 40's chair. Very small and needs new upholstery but I could give it a lot of love!

I had to throw this in there as this photo of my nephew Tyler was on my camera. See, even Batman is representing a little UGA love! Do they make kids cuter than this??? I mean really...

I SO dig this abstract art! Especially the colors.

Vintage Campaign desk...would make a great desk or entry table!

Killer vintage Lucite lamp!!!

Interesting table, fabulous color!

Huge onyx bowl. I am a huge fan of anything onyx!

Old Foundry Piece. Love the color!

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