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Decorganizing Wednesday: Handbags & Plumbing...Who Knew?

I used these pluming pieces in my dressing area to hold all of my bags. I totally copied the idea from a local clothing boutique but it is a fairly cheap and you can get these pipes in a variety of lengths (you can find them at Lowe's, Home Depot or better yet your local hardware store). Plus, they are easy to change out if you decide you want a longer or shorter length based on your needs. They are heavy as sin so you will need to brace them with a wall cleat as I have done here (the cleat is drilled into the studs so it can hold the weight of the pipes then I painted the cleat out the same color as the wall). I realize some of you might be thinking "what the ___?" but if you like the industrial look then this might work for you. And yes, I am aware of how phallic it looks!

I created this rod to hang my scarves from...

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