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Design Crush: Sara Gilbane

Designer Sara Gilbane

If you are a fellow blogger/design enthusiast then you have undoubtedly read the current issue of Lonny. If you are not, go read it now. [Well, after you finish reading my blog please.] Featured is the home of NY Designer, Sara Gilbane. I have been reading about Sara for a while now and I am glad that she is finally getting some great press because she was one of the many set to be featured in Domino just before it folded (wawawa). In December, House Beautiful named her one of the "20 New Designers to Watch" and her phone hasn't stopped ringing since. [A problem I would be happy to have.] Looking for my phone number? You can find it here.

After years of studying under famed designer, Celerie Kemble, Sara finally decided to leave and start her own firm, Sara Gilbane Interiors. Like most designers these days, she mixes traditional style with modern and youthful pieces but in my opinion Sara's signatures are her use of color and her attention to detail. Sara stresses the importance of layering which allows her interiors to look lived in and as if they were accumulated over time versus staged for a photoshoot. That is something I totally agree with...rock on.

In her Lonny article, Sara is quoted as "having a crush on fabrics." If you saw my fabric closet (yes, I said fabric closet) then you would understand why I too have a crush on fabrics. Here are some of her designs and if you would like to hear more about Sara go read this interview by Marisa over at Stylebeat.

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