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Fashion Week

I know a lot of bloggers do posts turning outfits into a room. Cheers to you! I love it but can't seem to find the time. However, in honor of New York Fashion Week I wanted to do a little somethin' somethin'. Here are some celebrities photographed at Fashion Week and I have likened their outfits to a room. I cannot imagine the pressure of dressing to go to a Fashion Week show! It must be like the first day of high school x 100. And do you wear something by the designer of who's show you are attending or is that like wearing a concert shirt of the band who's show you are going to see?

Rachel McAdams
(I love you but stop making romantic movies that are totally unrealistic. It is just cruel.)

Rachel Zoe and Milla Jovovich

via porchlightinteriorsblog

Lauren Conrad
(I wish I was you.)

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Olivia Palerma
(You are a royal bitch. Be nice, it gets your farther.)

Designer Suzanne Kasler

Lindsey Lohan
(There are no words.)

And while I am at it, I might as well give yet another shout out to my friend, Lisa Johnson, who created Aspen Fashion Week. She is brilliant! If you are able to go...go. And if you are going, buy me a ticket. In the meantime, I will work on some better outfit to room segments in time for Charleston Fashion Week!

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