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It's Complicated

I have been wanting to write the post for a while but didn't have the time to really research it like I wanted to. Thank you strep throat for giving me some time! I have posted before on my adoration for Nancy Meyers and her brilliant moviemaking "The Holiday," "Somethings Gotta Give," "Father of the Bride" just to name a few. She not only tells an amazing story but I love how much time, effort and detail she puts into the character's surroundings. Well, "It's Complicated" is her latest creation and as I sat in the theater watching the film, all I could hear was the audience's comments on the home of Meryl Streep's character, Jane's home which was set in Santa Barbara, California. And when I wasn't drooling over my boyfriend, John Krasinski, I was looking at the home too!

Who's Emily Blunt?
P.S. My face is so shiny because I am so happy.

Designer Jon Hutman mixed classic elements with modern touches in "It's Complicated." The living room is pictured above.
Steve Martin and Meryl Streep in the kitchen.
Another kitchen view.

I like that it looked lived in and you can see how it evolved over time. Nancy talks about the importance of creating the environment because as she sees it, it is an extension of the character. In this movie, "70% of the screenplay takes place inside three rooms, 70 pages. I was building a house, what I wanted it to look like. I get into it..."

When asked about the natural, earthy elements in the decor, Jon Hutman, the film's production designer, said the following: "It's the idea of classic elements used with a modern aesthetic. There's slipcovered furniture with natural linen, beautiful old wood on the doors, dining table and floors. There's also a very Italian influence in terms of color and materials. There's a casual comfort that's very approachable and appealing" according to an article by The Washington Post.

For those of you that haven't seen the movie, the main character is renovating her kitchen and as the owner of a famous bakery, you just know it is going to be good! So I was anxiously awaiting the end of the movie because I was dying to see Jane's new kitchen which sadly, was never reveled. The reason for that, Jon explains is that the kitchen was not the focus of the movie, it was Jane's life quest. And Nancy (I presume) thought it best to let the viewer's imagine what the newly renovated, dream kitchen looked like. Okay, okay, I get it but it would have been fun to see Jon's vision, right?

Well if you love this kitchen, as is, Remodelista did a post on ways to recreate the look. Check it out!

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