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Decorganizing Wednesday: Laundry Rooms

Should I tell Martha that they have machines to do that?

Ok, let's be honest...no one likes to do laundry. Especially all you mothers of multiple children. Thank God Kate Gosselin exploited her children to be able to afford some help, right? Could you imagine? But there are ways to make this dreaded chore more enjoyable or if nothing else, easier. Whether you have a tiny little closet or a massive room, here are some keys to creating a functional, well organized (and pretty) laundry room.

1. A place to store all of your cleaning supplies
2. A trashcan for lint, dryer sheets, etc.
3. An accessible place for an iron and ironing board
4. A place to collect buttons, safety pins, thread, etc.

5. A place to sort and/or fold clothes
6. A sink or washbasin to hand wash garments
7. A place to hang your delicates to dry
8. A place to mend damage clothes

If you don't have a large laundry room you can always utilize the vertical height and "Julia Child's" your space.

Real Simple

Or revamp your old TV cabinet which let's face it, is now useless.


Stay tuned for tomorrow's post when I will show you some inspiring laundry rooms that will make you want to burn down your house and start all over.

If you are looking for help organizing your home email sidney@eclectic-idg.com for more information on my services. I also offer e-organizing services if you are not local! And remember that I am also a rep for California Closets and can custom design you a laundry room that will make all of your friends jealous!

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