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The Superbowl (for Women)

Since Oscar fashions tend to represent the best of the runways and runways tend to influence interior design I thought I could get away with this post. Clearly metallics, "sparkles" and structure are the big trends and I am curious to see how that will translate to the home. Let's just hope companies won't start bedazzling lamp shades! But if they do, I will probably be blogging about how much I love them! ha! And I must admit that I am such a poser because I call myself a movie buff however, I have not seen one of the films that was nominated for best picture. Not...a...one. Seriously? What have I been doing all winter? Its like a banner year for movie making and I have been staying at home watching The Bachelor. Note to self: Get out more.

Anyway, here are my fashion comments (as if you care).

Kristen Stewart
This is a current take on a really classic look. I wish she just enjoyed wearing it more...she looked so uncomfortable!

Rachel McAdams
I might be alone on this one but I think this dress is stunning. It looks like a watercolor. I like her hair this color, her makeup was flawless and I covet the earrings!

Miley Cyrus
I cannot believe that she had on one of my favorite dresses.
I have never seen her look this good!

Elizabeth Banks
I especially loved this color! But I wanted to rip that headband off her head. You're not 12.
Sorry girl, your crazy funny though!

Maggie Gyllenhall
I am sure she will get slammed for this choice and I normally don't like prints but there was something about this dress. And it seemed very...her. She looked gorgeous!
(As if I know her.)


Charlize Theron
I know it is high fashion but I can't decide if I like this one or not. It did look like Stewart was behind her wearing lavender gloves and holding up her "girls." I kept waiting for him to step out.

Sandra Bullcok
I was really hoping to love her's. It was her night. I totally lost it when she thanked her mom.

Demi Moore
I liked it but maybe it is because it reminded me of my Peaches 'n Cream Barbie!


Sarah Jessica Parker
I didn't like SJP's dress. But it did remind me a bit of this...

Meryl Streep
I think Meryl stole her dress from the set of this movie...

Jennifer Lopez
It looked like a used condom. I am sorry but it did. As did her's...

Amanda Seyfried

Zoe Saldana
I was excited to see her dress because I love her style but this just looks like unraveling brush fringe. I do not likey.

I also have a few general (and rather snarky) comments to make.

1. Who was in charge of the backdrop for these photos? Shag red carpet and yellow roses along the ground? Eek.

2. ABC couldn't get anyone better than Sherrie Shepherd and Cathy Ireland to host the pre-show?Clearly the were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Since I am probably next on the list, give me a call for the 83rd Oscars. I am happy to do it.

3. Gabourey Sidibe IS precious.

4. I know that Dentyne was a sponsor of the Oscars but I cannot stand to watch people talk with gum in their mouth. I bet all of their publicists were dying!

5. Cheers to the John Hughes tribute!But is anyone else concerned with how old the Brat Pack looked? I am. Because that means that I am old. I mean heck, Robert Downey, Jr. was wearing Blue Blockers!

Ok, that is all. I am headed to Blockbuster...

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